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About Quality Seamless Gutter Company, Inc. in Endicott, New York

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"Quality Seamless Gutter Company, Inc., is one of the finest gutter companies in the world. What makes us the finest? That's simple; it's our people--from Jane, our office manager, to Brian, our youngest and newest member of the team. But, I'm getting ahead of myself, so let's start at the beginning.
Back in the winter of 1989, my brother, who was running a successful home improvement company, had a problem: gutters. You see, there was only 1 gutter company in Broome County that (1) did quality work, (2) used unmarked vehicles, and (3) had the insurance requirements needed in New York.
This meant that he had to wait 4-6 weeks to finish his contracts with his customers and gutter the home. Well, after waiting for a month, a lot of the excitement was lost by Mr. and Mrs. Homeowner. Plus, my brother had been waiting a month to collect his final payment.
He knew something had to be done, and that's where I came in! My brother decided to start his own gutter company, providing a solution to his needs as well as the needs of other contractors in the same situation. After 10 years or so, we found ourselves in the same boat as before. We always provided good service, great workmanship, and a fair price.
Our name spread and grew and soon our customers were waiting 12 weeks for us! We were good, and a lot people wanted and needed us, but we grew away from the original idea of providing great workmanship and a better price.
My brother decided to weed out the housing professionals and concentrate on working directly with the highly profitable Mr. and Mrs. Homeowner. Well, the housing professionals were our customer base, the guys and gals that made us who we were—the gutter guys! To shorten the story, he went his way and me, well here I am.

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The best thing, though, is that all the original guys--the guys that like being gutter guys--are still here! We have 5 gutter vans and usually 10-12 installers that work throughout New York and Pennsylvania. We've done projects in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Vermont, and Rhode Island as well.
We've done projects that only needed inches and projects that required tens of thousands of feet of material. We've worked 80' in the air and installed gutters that were more than 500' long. We install aluminum and steel materials in just about any shape known to man. If you need a gutter done, chances are we can and have done it before.
Let me go back to the beginning—our people. We feel that anyone can buy the finest materials, but if the installers are inadequate, you still have a sub-par product. That's why we feel that to provide a truly quality product, the people actually doing the installations are far more important to the final product than the materials being used.
That's not to say that we purchase inferior materials; in fact, we pursue the finest manufacturers of the materials and equipment needed to complete our projects. So come on by, meet our staff, visit our suppliers, and make yourself at home. I think you'll find us to be helpful and friendly. Oh, and the coffee pot is always on—just help yourself!" - Mike Cunningham, President
Cleaning Gutter - Gutter Installation in Endicott, NY